Reviews From our Clients!

Moxie Living retreat was truly an amazing experience. When I entered the mansion, it was absolutely beautiful that gave me a royal feeling. Very lux and high end. The biggest take away from this event for me was that it helped me redefine what self care is and why it was so important for me to take care of myself so that I can take care of others in the best possible manner. The welcoming treat was so thoughtful. Food was also amazing. It may seem silly but I really enjoyed drinking tea and coffee from fancy tea cups all weekend. I also enjoyed the fitness aspect of the retreat. The yoga instructor was awesome and those yoga postures are really effective. I personally struggle to have a schedule to add fitness but with some assistance, I was able to mark a time slot during the day to implement some fitness activities. It was truly an unforgettable experience that really helped me look inwards and convinced me not to take myself for granted. Thank you Moxie Living for an awesome experience. I came home recharged and ready to start my hectic week.”

- SA

When I signed up for the moxie living retreat in October I had no idea what to expect. The women who created the retreat thought of everything! It was a powerful weekend and sharing it with other women was truly inspiring. The workshops, self care sessions, yoga and games were prepared specifically to empower us and also offer us a fabulous experience. The beautiful accommodations made it feel like a proper getaway and the yummy food and snacks were bountiful and satisfying. This retreat was only made more special by the friendships formed while learning and playing together. I highly recommend you attend a moxie living retreat, you’ll definitely grow from it and what more can we ask for of a woman’s wellness retreat?”

- CH

Whole resolution retreat was a great honor and beautiful experience to be a part of. Thank you for making me feel most welcome and more at home. It would not have been made possible without Shireen and Fareen! Jazakallah khair. Keep up the great work at Moxie living. May Allah increase you and allow this to be a success for you in this dunya and the akhirah! Ameen.

- SM

This is exactly what I needed! The right kind of medicine, the right kind of getaway, the right kind of retreat, the right kind of rejuvenating and inspiring experience, the right kind of love from strangers without judgements, opinions and expectations!!! It surely felt like the greatest opportunity ever to reclaim my spirit and spend some quality time with my mom. I expected the retreat to be great but may be not this great. 
It definitely exceeded my expectations. The home spa and meditation…the morning yoga class…the breathtaking views…and delicious food. I am definitely coming back for more. No doubt. Fareen and Shireen are truly the sweetest people on this planet. Their compassion, warmth , insight on physical and mental health created a very welcoming snd safe environment for all the women to open up and consider/reconsider their life goals and especially the need of self appreciation and self care. I definitely learned to love me more . Thank you so much Moxie Living for this unforgettable experience. 

- FM (joined with her mother)