Licensed Mental Health Counselor

Bisma Anwar

Bisma Anwar is a Licensed Mental Health counselor. She has a Master of Education in Psychological Counseling from Teachers College, Columbia University. Her areas of expertise include, depression and anxiety, stress management, cognitive behavioral and dialectical behavioral therapy. Bisma has extensive experience counseling children, teens, and adults from diverse backgrounds and helping them deal with various life issues.

Bisma works at Talkspace as a Therapist and also has a private practice where she primarily works with BIPOC children, adults, and families. She has done workshops on various mental health issues such as stress management, wellness management, social emotional learning, coping skills, and how to communicate with parents/children at various organizations and community centers.

Bisma is also on the board of HEAL collective which aims to provide education and resources to address mental health needs in the community. She has a podcast called Therappuccino on which she discusses self care and other mental health issues.

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Physical Therapist

Dr. Fareen Malik

Dr. Fareen Malik is a practicing Physical Therapist, Certified Hijama Practitioner and Certified Yoga Instructor. She is the Co-Founder of Horizons, Center For Muslim Families, a grass roots organization that supports Muslim Families in their communities through education, physical activities, sports and hobbies. 

Fareen obtained her doctorate degree in Physical Therapy and has been practicing in the field for over 18 years. She has experience working with all ages including seniors and children. Fareen is also a certified Hijama practitioner for the last 3+ years. She promotes wellness by performing Hijama on Sunnah points, for organ detox, neck, back and joint pains, migraines and sciatica pain etc. 

In addition, Fareen has recently completed her Yoga Certification. She has developed multiple Yoga programs that are currently in practice for students in grades 1st through 12th and modified Yoga programs for wheelchair bound children and adults. She is also a private Instructor, offering classes for groups and individuals.

Masters Certified Life Coach

Shireen Quaizar

Shireen Quaizar is a Masters Certified Life Coach and a Certified Bilingual School Psychologist. By wearing these two hats, she works with both parents and children of all ages. As a School Psychologist, Shireen works for the NYC Department of Education working with children ages 2-21.

She works closely with supporting parents and students with special needs. As a mother of three children, she strongly believes that supporting and helping parents is important for children’s development. When parents feel empowered they raise emotionally and positively intelligent children. Shireen’s parent coaching journey began when she started collaborating with parents and teachers asking for advice to handle behavioral, emotional and physical needs of their children.

She started conducting workshops for parents and children. These workshops focused on bullying, child abuse, handling Islamophobia, self care, effective communication and social emotional learning of the whole family. Currently , she works with clients 1:1 to help strengthen the familial connections by empowering the parents. She also runs online workshops for parents and children to help them navigate the ever-changing world.

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