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Resolutions Day Retreat

Resolutions Day Retreat was curated to help women with their growth mindset. 

We selected a beautiful secluded house in an apple orchard. This was Moxie Living’s hybrid retreat. There were limited options for the weekend stay and rest of the spots were for the day retreat. Both options were all inclusive. The weekend option included morning Yoga and meditation and special spa gifts for the night of self-care. The day retreat included physical and mental wellness activities to help with goal setting. The women took a trip to a local farm stand after lunch. A hike was planned but canceled due to weather. Instead, everyone sat around cozily enjoying some group games and activities. Throughout the day, people enjoyed laughter, self-care, good company and great food. Food was prepared by on board chef and catered to all taste buds. 

Day retreaters left after 9 PM, happy and content. The best part of the Retreat was people enjoyed what they craved. 
Post retreat survey indicated that women felt better about their mental and physical health goals. They all indicated that food and company were the highlights of their time at the retreat. Extroverts enjoyed socializing and playing games. Introverts enjoyed solace and calmness of the location. And ambiverts enjoyed social and spiritual aspects of the Retreat.

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